Wine About Cancer

About the Event

Wine About Cancer was started as a fundraiser for Tori Deatherage’s Woman of the Year campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in 2016. After presenting sponsors Rick and Monica Nutt offered to sponsor a second year, Tori brought the event back in 2017, encouraging participation from all candidates. This year will mark the 8th annual Wine About Cancer, only skipping 2020 due to the pandemic.

Today, the event still supports the Mid-America Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and as of 2022, a local nonprofit called Survivor 2.0. Survivor 2.0. is a program provided free of cost to survivors of all ages to gain strength, find hope, and move beyond a cancer diagnosis. This organization held a special place in Tori’s mom Deanna’s heart before her passing in October 2021 of metastasized breast cancer. Survivor 2.0/Club Hope Fitness is also a partner in helping us select our guests of honor for donated tickets.

Tori and the Wine About Cancer team is currently working on a 501c3 of their own called The Today Foundation. This nonprofit will aim to have more of a “Make-A-Wish Foundation” feel, providing support and opportunities to families in the Wichita area. Wine About Cancer will continue to support LLS and Survivor 2.0 in addition to this new initiative.
For questions about Survivor 2.0 please contact Rebecca Lohman at:
For more information on nominations and LLS’s Visionary of the Year (formerly Man and Woman of the Year), contact Jessica Schinstock at:

Rebecca Lohman, founder of Survivor 2.0, and Tori’s mom Deanna